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The Pitch Episode 145: Reminisce on an Old-School Jam


Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” takes me back to the heydays of UF. Learn to throw it back old-school style to gain attention.

The Pitch Episode 145:
Reminisce on an Old-School Jam


It’s incredible how an old song can easily transport your mind back to a different place and time. You know that one song that brings you back to your senior year in high school or the year you finally turned 21. Certain songs can instantly connect you with someone you don’t even know, if that person also has specific memories that transports him or her to that same time and place. Familiarity, it’s a great starting point in a relationship and it’s also a great starting point with your pitch. Before you pitch, bring back an old-school jam. Let’s face it, sometimes you may struggle with a pitch that’s just not newsworthy or relevant with what’s going on currently, so try another tactic and throw it back old-school style. “The Pitch” challenge today: reinvent your pitch by relating the concept of what you are pitching to something of an earlier era that was looked upon with high regard or remembered for its impact on society. For example you may revamp a pitch to say: “Remember when AIDS was considered a death sentence? Modern medicine has made it possible to live with and manage this disease, and now new medical technology is emerging to help other modern day disease death sentences too.” If the person you are pitching resonates with the history of the AIDS epidemic that started in the 80s, this pitch approach will help them realize the potential weight and importance of another disease-related issue you are pitching, as long as the connection is really similar. A visual example of this “old school jam tactic” can be found in the fashion industry where it’s used all the time by bringing back new versions of previously, popular fashion styles to connect with new and former customers. So if your pitch is stuck and there’s nothing in today’s headlines to tie it to, try an old-school jam. Reminiscing on something familiar can help grab the attention of the person you are pitching to bring relevance and attention to today’s pitch.


How does your current pitch relate to something from the past?
What new audience could you attract by framing the pitch in a new/old way?
How does this resonate with you? Who else may it resonate with?

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