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INICIVOX® is an outgrowth of the collective soft-skills learning of Pitch Publicity taught by company founder and communications expert, Amy Summers, through her microcast, “The Pitch with Amy Summers.” This is the first published INICIVOX® smart voice course based on her 20+ year career experience in public relations with her publicity firm, Pitch Publicity. The vision of INICIVOX® is to add many more courses from other expert mentors in different career fields. In her career, Summers has successfully mentored a multitude of students and young professionals seeking employment or advancement in large corporations, or looking to launch their own businesses. Where one-on-one mentorship is limiting to time and location, voice technology has expanded her ability to reach millions of mentees on their own time, who can customize their soft-skills learning experience at their own pace.


Amy Summers became an entrepreneur in her mid-20s, launching her first company, Pitch Publicity in February of 2003, during a rapidly changing climate for communication and media relations. With more than 20 years experience in developing communication strategies for influential experts and corporations, combined with her unique one-on-one mentorship commitment to every member of her team, she launched “The Pitch with Amy Summers,” flash briefing on Amazon Alexa’s skill, smart speaker platform in 2018. “The Pitch with Amy Summers,” quickly became one of the most highly ranked communications flash briefings on Amazon Alexa. After 500 consecutive episodes of “The Pitch,” Summers launched her second company, INICIVOX®,

in February of 2020 to accelerate soft-skills learning for students and young professionals in order to bridge the gap between book knowledge and real-world application, and make up for lack of meaningful mentorships and quality internships that many struggle to obtain. Today, people from around the world listen to “The Pitch” with the goal to improve a wide-range of soft skills, centering on the complexity of communications. Summers earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations, with a minor in Health Science Education, from the University of Florida. In the fall of 2020, she became the first adjunct lecturer at the UF College of Journalism and Communications to virtually instruct a paperless, smart voice course called, “Pitching Persuasion.” Summers lives and works in New York City.