Whether you are a thought leader, seasoned or mid-level professional, just starting out in your career, or a student, INICIVOX® will allow you to produce and digest more expertise without traditional publishing hurdles, limited mentorship opportunities, excessive costs, or time constraints. INICIVOX® is a smart voice-learning concept that is revolutionizing education through real-time voice tutorials that mirror traditional mentorship in order to improve soft-skills learning.


Go at your own pace. The average INICIVOX® voice tutorial only takes 3 minutes to digest. All you have to do is listen from any digital device or smart speaker and accept the challenge to apply the soft-skill lesson in your personal or professional life. It’s mentorship on the go, when you need it the most.


INICIVOX® is a quick-start for innovation and promotion. It shortens the traditional learning curve for soft skills from decades to days. Expert mentors can share their practical knowledge in any given field to a wider audience of mentees while rapidly improving soft-skills learning through voice technology. Mentees who subscribe to INICIVOX® can develop and improve soft skills needed in their career and personal life including: conflict-resolution, problem-solving, self-motivation, integrity, leadership, flexibility, open-mindedness, dependability, adaptability, creativity, relationship development, exploration, empathy, organization, teamwork, critical thinking and communication.


Go live with INICIVOX® to get real-time mentorship in minutes. Customize the learning experience for groups with virtual training workshops, seminar series or build your own special event. The possibilities are endless to bring experienced expertise into the comfort of your own space, while expanding your knowledge on your own time.