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The Pitch Episode 137: Please Stop Talking About Millennials


Millennials are a pet peeve of mine. Learn how to stop stereotyping and start defining your true target audience.

The Pitch Episode 137:
Please Stop Talking About Millennials


Millennials are a pet peeve of mine, not because of who they are, but because of how companies and executives pontificate about them all the time. Are we really still trying to figure out millennials after two decades of talking about them? The conversation is starting to get ridiculous and most millennials would agree. Before you categorize millennials and put them in your corporate stereotypical box, remember they are just people, and a very diverse group of people of all different ages and work ethics and likes and dislikes. In the same way we shouldn’t categorize all blondes, millennials also do not need to be stereotyped. “The Pitch” challenge today: As you prepare your pitch, presentation or branding proposal, re-examine how you are positioning millennials. If you are using the term to describe the years in which they were born, that’s fine. But take the time to really drill down and define your target audience by who they are, not how old they are; because age actually has no boundaries when it comes to work ethic, activities, likes and dislikes. And once you take the time to think through this you’ll realize your target audience is a very unique group of people truly tailored for your product or service.


What is your impression of a millennial?
Where do these thoughts generate from?
What might be some false, generalized statements about millennials?

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