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The Pitch Episode 112: GET OUT (of the office)


I hate the idea of leaving my office, but glad when I do. Learn to get a fresh perspective that will make your desk job more effective.

The Pitch Episode 112:
GET OUT (of the office)


I’m so busy that I secretly dread leaving the office most days for any reason, but I’m always glad when I do. Getting out of the bubble of your office puts you face-to-face with your work in real-time and can present insights and opportunities you didn’t even know existed. Before you get buried behind your desk, take a look at your schedule for the week and see if there is a meeting you can switch from a phone call to in-person. Or perhaps you can take a field trip and check out some of your work in action. I do this in New York when we line up TV interviews for our clients. Although most of the experts we work with do not need me to go with them and are perfectly capable of handling the interview on their own, it always helps me to go. I get to see the results of our pitch work, I gain a better understanding of challenges TV producers face behind-the-scenes and how they do their work plus getting that valuable face time with them, and my client, is priceless. Sometimes I’m even able to book more interviews with the producer, simply by being in-studio. “The Pitch” challenge today: make sure to make the time to leave the office at least once a week or every other week. Just like that TV show, “Undercover Boss” it will give you a fresh perspective on how all your hard office work translates in your own workforce, so you can be even more effective and efficient at your desk job.


When was the last time you saw your “desk work” in action?
How does it feel to see your work come to life outside the office?
What ways can you encourage more in-the-field projects?

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