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The Pitch Episode 58: Giving Without Expectation of Receiving


Are there always strings attached to your give? Learn how giving from the heart will return more favor in unexpected ways.

The Pitch Episode 58:
Giving Without Expectation of Receiving


Do you give with the underlying intention to receive something in return? At some point, most of us have all been guilty of this practice. For example, you may connect two people to do business together, expecting a cut if the deal goes through or a reciprocal introduction from the person you connected. If these are your intentions then it’s likely you’ll find yourself disgruntled when the outcome is less than what you were hoping for. Before you make a connection, do a favor or give something to someone, check yourself on your true intention. If the give is conditional on a get then it’s better to let the person know this in advance so it’s clear what you are expecting and that they realize what you are handing them isn’t a straight gift. “The Pitch” challenge today: Begin to practice giving without any expectation of receiving in return. I’ve found that, especially in business, if you can give freely from the heart, your reward will be tenfold instead of a straight exchange, and it will come from someone surprising, not necessarily from the person whom you think owes you. If you are not the type of person who gives frequently without expectation, start small until the practice becomes more comfortable. You might do the dishes in your house without fishing for a thank you from your significant other; or you may give an employee the afternoon off paid without asking him or her to work overtime on another project. The saying, “What goes around comes around” is true, and the more you give without the expectation of receiving the more gifts will be poured onto you in unexpected ways.


Who can you give something to this week without an expectation of receiving something in return?
What will you do for this person?
What was his or her reaction to your gift with no strings attached?

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