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The Pitch Episode 96: Boss Vibes


Be the boss at any stage of your career. Learn how to dial up your confidence by developing your own “boss vibe” routine.

The Pitch Episode 96:
Boss Vibes


I recently attended a client party that was being held at a local restaurant. I was a little late for the cocktail hour that was being held in the bar area that was largely occupied by my client’s guests, but had a mix of a few regular patrons at the bar too. Although I was tardy, I walked in confidently and greeted my client and many of the guests I knew. Once I finally made it to the bartender to order a drink there were three older gentlemen seated at the bar and one of them turned to me and said, “You must be the boss of this company!” I replied, “actually I’m not, this is my client’s party,” and he turned to his friends and looked at me again and said, “Well, you look like the boss.” The funny thing is, I am the boss of my own company and myself, but this comical scenario at the bar with these resident locals made me think, can anyone give off boss vibes? The answer is yes, and further I believe boss vibes can be a valuable asset to your personal presentation and pitch. Before you pitch in person, do what it takes to make yourself feel more confident about your presentation. For me, wardrobe is critical. It’s like my armor as I head into the battle of business. The night of my client’s party I was wearing a white dress, gold choker and black-heeled boots. No wonder those men thought I was in charge, I was dressed to slay and my wardrobe alone gave off those boss vibes to them immediately. “The Pitch” challenge today: Dial up your confidence by developing your own personal “boss vibe” routine. When warriors go into battle they don’t do it casually. They put on the war paint, armor and they prepare by training. How are you preparing for the battle of business? Are you exercising and eating right so you feel good about yourself and your appearance in front of others? Are you spending time and money staying groomed? Are you keeping your wardrobe up-to-date and carefully selecting the appropriate clothing, accessories and shoes for your next meeting, conference or event? It is a misstep to think that these preparations are just luxuries to take when you have arrived in your career, in actuality they are necessities at any stage of your career if you want to give off boss vibes and advance to the next level.


What do you admire most about your boss or CEO of a company?
What could you replicate that would give you that same confidence boost?
What type of preparation can you take before your next meeting, pitch call or interview that would give you boss vibes?

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