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The Pitch Episode 148: A Picture Says A Thousand Words


What does your headshot say about you? Learn how to make sure your thought leadership aligns with your image.

The Pitch Episode 148:
A Picture Says A Thousand Words


I’m forcing my client to go to a photo shoot today for new headshots. She’s not looking forward to it, but the more we get her public facing as a thought leader, the more critical the visuals we send with her thoughts become. A picture truly does have the capacity to say a thousand words, which means something very complex, like my client, can be conveyed in a single image. If your headshot is not representative of you, it can really deflect from your message. Before you crop your own headshot from that office party picture, hire a photographer and have professional headshots made. I know it’s tempting to be your own photographer because everyone is so empowered with their smartphone camera at the ready in their back pocket, but just because you have a camera doesn’t mean you necessarily have the eye to draw out the depth of real you for a professional headshot. Photography is an art, in the same way as painting, singing, acting and playing instruments are all an art. And no, we all do not do these things well. Singing in the shower is not the same as singing at Carnegie Hall. Having your friend take your headshot from your smartphone is not the same as hiring a professional photographer. “The Pitch” challenge today: Bite the bullet, like my client is doing today, and hire a pro to take your headshots. We live in a very visual world. Few people take the time to really read your words so the images you put out there about yourself will speak for you first. Make sure those images align with who you are and what you represent. And for professional submissions, such as speaking engagements, byline articles, bios on websites, books and other public platforms, make sure to put your best foot forward with a professional headshot that captures the complexity of who you are without saying a word.


What photo are you currently using for your professional activities?
What year was this photo taken and do you feel like it reflects who you are today?
If you were in a professional photoshoot today, what would you wear and what body language would you present?

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