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The Pitch Episode 84: Stay Mobile


Is the office tying you down? Learn to work from anywhere by having your entire office right at your fingertips.

The Pitch Episode 84:
Stay Mobile


My favorite office location fits right in the palm of my hand. I can work from anywhere, at any time as long as I have my smartphone. The luxury of being able to work from anywhere has allowed me to accomplish many things without the burden of being tied down to an office or computer. However, in order to work remotely like this you have to stay organized and synced. Before you attempt to go mobile with your work, make sure your smartphone is automatically synced to all your other devices and you have no duplication on things like emails. Start using your notepad in your phone as an easy access to store your to-do lists, and important info you need to reference frequently. Invest in your most important “office” by keeping your smartphone updated, which means upgrading it at least every two years. “The Pitch” challenge today: Explore the full functionality of your phone and find new ways to be efficient with it. This might mean making an appointment with your carrier or at the Apple or MAC store to find out what your phone is truly capable of to go completely mobile. Explore the app store to find apps that can make your workflow more fluid and easy to do on the go. Working away from the office can be frustrating if you are not confident you have everything you need in the palm of your hand. Once you get organized to stay mobile, you don’t have to worry so much about where you are, when you need to jump into work mode because you’ll conveniently have your entire office right at your fingertips.


Is your phone equipped to handle at least 75% of your workload?
What do you need to get your phone up-to-date to handle more?
What apps or upgrades do you need to make the office in your hand more efficient and effective?

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