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The Pitch Episode 63: A Healthy Pitching Pipeline


Are you in a pitching slump? Learn how to maintain a healthy pitching pipeline and avoid drastic dry spells.

The Pitch Episode 63:
A Healthy Pitching Pipeline


Prospects are important when it comes to pitching and if you don’t have enough of them in your pipeline you can experience some pretty drastic dry spells. Don’t get discouraged. Before you give up on pitching, take inventory of your leads. If you are only zeroed in on closing about five contacts, it’s time to widen your reach. The best pitching pipelines have multiple leads at various stages in the pitching process. Some are warm, some are hot and some are still cold. The status of your leads is important but so is the quantity. You want to have plenty of leads to pool from so you are not overwhelming just a handful of leads. “The Pitch” challenge today: hit the phones and make it a goal to increase the quantity of your leads until you have built up your pipeline. Always set aside a little time each day to find new prospects to keep your pipeline healthy. Once your leads become warm or hot, the tendency is to focus only on those prospects that are close to closing, but if you ignore finding new leads for too long you will eventually find yourself in another pitching slump.


How many hot or warm leads are you currently following up on?
Where can you go to expand your leads?
How can you double your leads by the end of the week?

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