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The Pitch Episode 59: Clear the Clutter


Clutter can be a roadblock in pitching. Learn how a physical and virtual daily sweep can clear the way for a productive day.

The Pitch Episode 59:
Clear the Clutter


Clutter can be a roadblock to staying focused, and I’m not just talking about physical clutter. Tech clutter can also cause distraction and even increase anxiety. All types of clutter can block your mental focus when pitching. Before you pitch, clear the clutter from your desk and computer desktop. File documents, delete old emails and toss paperwork that’s no longer needed. “The Pitch” challenge today: make clearing the clutter part of your daily routine by setting an appointment in your calendar, as a reminder, to either do this physical and virtual document sweep at the beginning or end of your day. If you get in the habit of clearing the clutter daily, it won’t be so overwhelming to tackle, and you’ll find that your pitch productivity becomes more focused and flawless because a clear mind clears the way for a productive day.


What clutter do you need to clear, but physical and virtual?
What time can you set aside each day this week to clear the clutter?
How did you feel once the clutter was cleared?

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