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The Pitch Episode 42: Multitasking Pitfalls


Are you glamorizing multitasking? It could be a mistake. Learn how to trade multitasking for focus to avoid pitfalls in pitching.

The Pitch Episode 42:
Multitasking Pitfalls


Do you pride yourself in being a master multitasker? Juggling more than one task is a talent, but even the most skilled multitasker can make fatal mistakes. The hidden dangers of multitasking can even cause you to lose a deal by not staying focused on the person you are pitching. Before you pitch, wrap up any personal texting or tell the person texting you that you need to get back to work. Stay laser focused on the person you are pitching and avoid reading emails or scrolling through social media feeds that can all be a point of distraction and take you off your pitch game. “The Pitch” challenge today: mentally stop glamorizing multitasking by saying you are a great multitasker. The message you really may be sending, by saying you’re a multitasker, is that you are overwhelmed with work or that you can’t stay focused on one task at a time. It’s not necessarily a good thing that you are a great multitasker. You risk more pitfalls with pitching and your general lack of focus on the person you are pitching could cost you the deal. Instead, glamorize your attention to detail and your ability to stay focused. These are two qualities that the majority of people lack and therefore can give you the advantage while avoiding pitfalls in pitching.


Have you ever referred to yourself as a good multitasker?
Describe a scenario when multitasking got you in trouble?
What would a good attention to detail person look like to you?

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