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The Pitch Episode 41: Finding Your Personal Pitching Zone


Less distractions the better. Learn how to set personal pitching zone boundaries for more productivity.

The Pitch Episode 41:
Finding Your Personal Pitching Zone


Intermittent interruptions can disrupt your daily pitch flow. In order to get into a zone for productive pitching, the less distractions the better, but how do you do that with emails coming in, text messages popping up and social media sites leaking notifications to lure you into their world? Before you pitch, set up some pitching boundaries to minimize distractions. Close your office door and hang a sign that says: “I’m in a pitching zone, be back to you in one hour.” Then turn off social media notifications; shut down your email; and silence your text messages both on your phone and computer. For the next hour, pitch with no distractions. Then take a 20-minute break to get caught up on electronic correspondence and open your door for random interruptions. Once you are caught up, repeat this pitching exercise again. “The Pitch” challenge today: Set some pitching zone boundaries that are personalized specifically for you. Ask yourself: What distractions slow you down? How can you verbalize your pitching boundaries to coworkers and superiors so they aren’t part of the problem? If you can get in the habit of setting up a daily pitching zone, you’ll be more productive with your day and effortlessly efficient with your workflow.


What are three distractions that cause interruption in your workflow?
What boundaries do you need to set with these distractions to get more work done?
How will you communicate these boundaries to your co-workers, boss and family or friends?

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