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The Pitch Episode 160: Tack to Get Back On Track


Sailors know the trick to stay on course. Learn how often to stop and strategize so you can sail right into your target goals.

The Pitch Episode 160:
Tack to Get Back On Track


If you are trying to sail a boat directly to an island but the wind is blowing head on into your sails, you have to tack to get there. Tacking is a maneuver sailors use to make the wind work for them by zigzagging to their destination in what would appear to be an impossible path. Tacking is a strategy that can also be used in pitching. Before you give up on what seems to be an impossible pitch strategy, try tacking. Every week I evaluate the progress on our clients’ publicity campaigns, and if it is not going in the right direction, I’ll tack our course. This may mean digging deeper to find some new media contacts to pitch, changing the dates of the media tour or in some cases switching to another media market altogether. “The Pitch” challenge today: set aside a day once a week to spend some time on strategy. I do this every Monday with all of our clients. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a task list, and lose sight of the strategy; then before you know it an entire month has gone by and suddenly you find yourself far way from the goal. Taking time to strategize in pitching is absolutely crucial because you never know which way the wind will blow and if you aren’t checking each week, you can quickly get blown off course.


What’s blowing off course in your work that you need to get back on track?
What steps need to be taken?
Which step can you start with today?

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