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The Pitch Episode 156: Postpone a “Yes” until You’re at Your Best


I have a hard time saying, “no.” Learn the “no, not now” tactic to postpone a “yes.”

The Pitch Episode 156:
Postpone a “Yes” until You’re at Your Best


I always have a hard time telling people “no”. I find myself wanting to say yes to everything because I have this internal desire to want to please and help everyone plus, I hate missing out on a good opportunity. Saying yes too much is not a healthy practice and can eventually backfire on you. Before you say yes to another request, try saying no, not now. First, you must recognize that spreading yourself too thin, with too many commitments, makes you mediocre at everything instead of really good at something. When too many requests are coming your way, mentally prioritize them. Ask yourself: Is this essential to my livelihood – bringing me an income or future income? Or is this critical to my emotional wellbeing? Saying yes to a balanced mix of these requests is ok but be careful not to load up your calendar with too many commitments at once. “The Pitch” challenge today: When you are on the receiving side of someone’s pitch, Ask yourself which requests can be put off so you can delay your “yes” with a “no, not now.” If you are having a hard time saying straight up “no,” then saying “not now” is a step in a healthier direction. For example you could say: “What’s your deadline for this request? I’m unable to do it now but could help you in the future.” Or “This sounds like a great opportunity and something I would really like to do, but don’t have the bandwidth for right now. Can I check back in with you in a couple of months?” My default is to automatically assume that when someone asks me to do something, it has to be done right now, but this isn’t always the case. By using a “no, not now” tactic you can postpone a “yes” so you can take advantage of the opportunity when you are at your best.


How do you determine when to turn someone down on their request for your time? Do you have a filter in place?
What filters and boundaries can you put in place to determine if a request should be granted or denied?
When you tell someone “no” or “not now” do you feel more in control and relieved? How can you practice the “no, not now,” response more often?

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