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The Pitch Episode 136: Internet-Free Plan B


I have a love-hate relationship with my email. Learn how to stay productive during an expected or unexpected disconnect.

The Pitch Episode 136:
Internet-Free Plan B


Last week my IT team had to move my email from one server to another. It was painful for me because I was without email and my calendar for an entire morning, and in my line of work where communication is an essential part of my day, that morning of “forced disconnect” felt like an eternity. Before you freak out when your online communication tools go down, back up your productivity with an internet-free plan B. When I travel, I have an internet-free plan B in place because I refuse to use inflight Wi-Fi. It’s not fast enough for me and I just end up feeling more agitated and less productive throughout the entire trip. So, I use inflight time for writing press materials for clients. Travel is planned, so I can prepare for it and I know what to expect, therefore it’s an “optional disconnect” opportunity I use. “The Pitch” challenge today: Write five productive activities you can do during an unexpected “forced disconnect” from the Internet. The reality is whether your Internet disconnect is expected or unexpected, in the whole scheme of things, it’s really never that long. But having a to-do list “at the ready” that doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection can ease any unnecessary anxiety and still make you feel productive. In fact, you’ll probably get more stuff done when you’re not tethered to the Internet.


What are five things you can do without the Internet and still stay productive?
Out of those five things what makes you feel most accomplished?
What are some optional disconnect opportunities you can take advantage of and add to your schedule?

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