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The Pitch Episode 111: Beware of the Shiny Objects


Don’t get caught by these distractions. Learn how to shutdown the shiny objects and refocus on productivity.

The Pitch Episode 111:
Beware of the Shiny Objects


A fish can find itself in a lot of trouble when lured in by a shiny object. In fact, the shinier the lure, the better, if you want to catch a fish. What shiny objects distract you from your pitching and prevent you from being laser focused? Is it text messages, social media notifications, television? Before you get distracted by the “shiny objects,” identify and name what those shiny objects are for you. By putting a label to them, you will be able to walk away or avoid them more easily. “The Pitch” challenge today: Shutdown the shiny objects and refocus on productivity. This may mean turning off alerts on your phone during certain times of the day, putting your phone on airplane mode or getting rid of temptations like a TV in your office. My friends think it’s funny that I don’t own a TV yet I’m in the business of pitching news media. In today’s advanced digital world I can easily keep up with the news online without owning a TV. I just go to it when I need to see what’s happening or when I need to write a pitch on a newsworthy topic. Not owning a TV for the past five years has eliminated a major shiny object from my life and enabled me to be more focused on my work, which has rapidly increased my productivity. Beware of the shiny objects in your world, they can easily catch you and pull you away from your pitching productivity.


What shiny objects are you distracted by?
How can you actively balance your everyday work with unexpected circumstances?
What’s your best time, or day, to rest and clear your mind?

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