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The Pitch Episode 108: Ready, Set, Goal


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Learn how to goal set in a way that will beat your 5-year deadline by forcing you into action today.

The Pitch Episode 108:
Ready, Set, Goal


Where do you see yourself in five years? Three years? Next year? Six months? One of the most effective goal setting techniques I’ve used forces you to think through and set goals in these time incriminates so you can develop a task list for the next 3 months of specific actions to take, all leading up to where you see yourself in five years. Before you set pitch or personal goals, get away from distractions and other people so you can really think through where you see yourself five years, three years and next year. Write down what your life will look like. Where are you working and for whom? How much money is in your bank account? Are you in or out of a relationship? Where do you live? What have you published? Where have you traveled? By writing down the vision of your future self, the action steps to get there will become more clear. “The Pitch” challenge today: Write out your five year, three year, one year vision of yourself for your career and personal life, including financial and health status. Then set goals for each of these areas in your life that need to be accomplished in the next six months. From this, set a task list of what you need to do in the next three months to accomplish your six-month goals. Be sure to move your written words off paper and into your digital schedule and mobile notebook for frequent reference. Make your goal list your go-to scroll for the year instead of defaulting to other random social media scrolling during downtime. Every time I’ve taken the time to do goal setting in this way, I’ve reached my goals before the five-year deadline. The written word is powerful, and when you take your desires and put a pen to it the actions that will flow from your intentions are unstoppable. So get set and be ready to go when you set your goals in a five, three, one year fashion that will force you to take pitch action.


Where do you see yourself in five years?
Where do you need to be in three years to achieve this?
What must you accomplish by next year to get to your three year goal, and what do you have to start doing today to make that happen?

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