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The Pitch Episode 104: #OnIt


Some work just doesn’t come together as planned. Learn how to expedite problem tasks off your to-do list.

The Pitch Episode 104:


Sometimes your hard work just doesn’t come together as planned. You have to reschedule an interview, find another resource to complete a task, start from scratch with a new contract or re-write materials to accommodate specific requests. These tasks are time consuming and can drag your workflow down, especially if you feel like you are redoing the work. Before you let these “problem tasks” build up, attack them with as much tenacity and energy as you did to secure the work originally, and stay on it! The problem tasks should be elevated to the top of your task list with the goal to complete as quickly as possible. Having too many problem tasks build up will slow down your productive to-do list. “The Pitch” challenge today: Include the “problem tasks” on your physical to-do list and prioritize them. Every day deal with the problem tasks first until they are off your list. Stay accountable and report back to your team or supervisors that you are “on it” regarding specific problem tasks so they know it’s actively being handled. A lot of the pitching we do at Pitch Publicity is a team effort especially when it comes to problem tasks. I keep all of our interviews we have to reschedule, press materials or pitches we have to re-write or experts and human interest stories we have to find front-and-center on my task list and check in frequently with my team to see where we are in the problem-resolution phase. A quick “on it” from my team and update lets me know we are getting closer to crossing the goal so we can move on to new goals and accomplishments.


What problem tasks are on your to-do list this week?
What needs to be done to get movement on these tasks in order to get them closer to complete?
What can you do to keep your boss or colleagues informed that you are staying on top of it?

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