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The Pitch Episode 51: Party Like It’s 1999


Prince was on the mark in more ways than one. Learn how to bring back the art of party throwing with the people you are pitching for a memorable response.

The Pitch Episode 51:
Party Like It’s 1999


The classic Prince song, “1999” was actually released in 1982, but I’ll never forget the feeling of hearing that song as the clock approached midnight on December 31, 1999, while I was on a boat in the middle of the ocean ringing in the New Year with fellow partygoers and potentially bracing for the unknown of Y2K destruction of our budding online lives. A party can be a great communication tool in your pitching toolbox. It’s a way to get actual face time with people you are pitching in a non-threatening environment (meaning the person you are pitching won’t feel any high pressure to be sold). It’s also an excellent way to showcase your network by inviting your current clients and industry influencers. When you get your leads and your contacts in one room you don’t have to pitch so hard because if you are good at what you do then your guests will do the work for you. Before you throw a “pitch” party: Establish a theme or reason for your event and carry that theme through every detail from invitations to decor to catering and even attire. Begin planning at least three months in advance and make sure you have a mix of high level, well known guests along with new and behind-the-scenes professionals in your industry. Use your pitching skills to get the right people in the room. Every party typically has alcohol, but alcohol should never be the central theme of a business party and you as the host along with your team should have a 2 drink maximum, drinking water before and between your drinks, because if you are too inebriated to network it defeats the purpose of the party. “The Pitch” challenge today: Look at your calendar for next year and set a date for a business party or party with peers with the focus to grow your professional network. It can be a small party to start, but go all out to make it memorable. Before the dawn of social media, throwing parties were more common because it was the only way to get together with friends, associates and clients. Today few people give or get invited to parties so the art of party throwing is once again a unique tactic. The key to having a memorable and effective party is to party like it’s 1999, and pull out all the stops for your guests so they will be talking about you into the next millennium.


What are three potential, popular themes you could develop a party around?
Who are some people you would want to invite to get to know better?
Who would you match those people to that you already know to make for a better chemistry at your party?

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