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The Pitch Episode 19: Make Time for Old-School Face Time


With today’s technology, do we need to make time for traditional face time? Learn how authentic face time can give you an advantage.

The Pitch Episode 19:
Make Time for Old-School Face Time


Some days I wish my publicist life was as glamorous as Don Draper’s ad man life, taking journalist out for lunch and cocktails, getting that valuable one-on-one face time with the person your pitching, but most days the only face time I get is with my dog who stares me down wishing I would do more park time than phone time. Technology has provided an efficient buffer for us to never need to come face to face with each other. There’s so little personal interaction that technology ironically now provides a way for us to get more face time through FaceTime, which… most of us still try to avoid. Do we need to make time for traditional face time? How critical is it to your pitch? Face time is actually NOT necessary to make a pitch and land a deal, sell a story or sign a client. I’ve pitched and closed many deals without ever looking someone in the eyes. However, authentic face time gives you an advantage, making you more real to the person you are pitching. This is why I make every effort to do it whenever an opportunity presents itself. If I book a client a media interview and I can go in studio with them; I go, to get face time with producers. I attend industry conferences where I can get face time with several of my clients in one trip and potential clients I’ve been pitching. Face time is not easy. You have to look presentable and be turned on with live people, which is actually more challenging when you spend most of your day interacting with technology. Face time is time consuming, draining and risky but the pay off is often phenomenal because when you take the time for traditional face time you are sending a message to the person you are pitching that they are important, valuable and worth your time and energy. “The Pitch” challenge today: identify one opportunity this week to get in some old-school face time to build value with a person you are pitching now or in the future. Don’t make it more work for them; instead go out of your way to see them. During your face time, put your phone on airplane mode so you are not tempted to be distracted and then 100% focus on them. Make eye contact, listen and most importantly don’t pitch them unless they bring it up. The purpose of this face time assignment is to add value and strengthen your relationship, so when you do pitch them next time it’s harder for them to say “no” because they actually know you.


What are four networking events you can commit to attend this year?
What are some ways you can reward yourself for making time for more face time meetings?
How can you prepare for face time meetings that will boost your confidence and energy?

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