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The Pitch Episode 11: Don’t be a Walking Times Square


Turn off the direct sales switch in your head and focus on building relationships. Learn how to use benefit of the soft sell when pitching.

The Pitch Episode 11:
Don’t be a Walking Times Square


Living in New York City, I try to avoid Times Square at all costs, even if it means walking several blocks out of my way to get to where I’m going. Everywhere you look in Times Square someone or something is trying to sell you – and sell you hard. It can be annoying and nerve wracking. Are you a walking Times Square billboard when it comes to pitching? Not every pitch needs to be a hard sell. In fact, soft sell pitches may win you more credibility and success in the long run. For example, maybe a potential client has told you that they are not ready to sign this year but would like to consider working with you next year. Don’t be a stranger for the next six months, until you go in for another hard pitch. Continue to make touch points with that person throughout the year. You could invite them to an industry event that might strengthen their network, or pass along a trend article that is relevant to their line of work. Do these things without asking for their business, but keep that relationship going. Same goes for promoting yourself on social media. Don’t use every post to shamelessly promote and sell everything you are doing. This is a good way to get tuned out. If you are producing good content, people will want to seek you out, and they will figure out how to get in touch with you without you having to tell them every time to follow you Twitter and Instagram or like you on Facebook. Advertising, marketing and public relations are all effective tools to use when pitching but combining them all into one communication can turn you into a walking Times Square, screaming for attention. “The Pitch” challenge today: turn off the direct sales switch in your head and work on building relationships with a soft sell. Send a handwritten card to someone today and let him or her know how much you appreciate working with them or value their contributions to the industry. Do not include your business card, just simply sign your name, without the “buy me now” sign flashing in their face, and soon your credibility will soar higher than any Times Square billboard.


How many times a week do you post a promotion of self or your business on social media?
What are some ways you can add more content to give more value to your audience on social media without directly promoting?
What are three touch points you can make with contacts who are not ready to buy now?

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