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The Pitch Episode 81: Nurture Creativity with Nature


How are you connecting with nature to promote creativity? Learn how to schedule a nature hiatus to get those creative juices flowing.

The Pitch Episode 81:
Nurture Creativity with Nature


For the next couple of days I have some very important mermaid things to do. That’s my own code phrase for carving out critical creativity time in my schedule with Mother Nature. I’m not sure what those metaphorical mermaid to-do items will be, but I know what they won’t be; I won’t be answering emails, writing press releases and pitches, or pitching media. Basically, I won’t be working, and further, I will not be hypnotized by any tech devices or social media feeds. It is becoming more essential in our jammed-packed workweeks to schedule vital downtime from the daily grind and technology. When you get focused on nature and your physical surroundings, you will discover two things: one, whatever you are stressed about somehow fades away; and two: your creative juices will be replenished, which improves your performance at work. Whether you think you are in a creative field or not, everyone can benefit from creative inspiration and nothing is more creative, alive and free of charge than nature. Before you take a creative break with Mother Nature, set boundaries and stick to them. You may have to put your smartphone on airplane mode to really disconnect and avoid being pulled back into work mode. If you are a city dweller living in a concrete jungle, you may need to make a very specific plan to get physically into nature. “The Pitch” challenge today: Schedule a nature hiatus into your schedule to nurture your creativity. It might be a 2-hour hike in the mountains or a walk in the park, or maybe a long weekend at the beach, which is where I like to do my important mermaid stuff. If you think you don’t have the time then start small with one hour a week, which can easily be done on your workweek lunch break.  And here’s a news flash, you don’t have to work through all of your lunch breaks just because you feel like everyone else does. If you actually take a real lunch break, you’ll be more refreshed and better equipped than your co-workers – or possibly even your boss. If you have self-inflicted anxiety about taking a full hour lunch break, make an announcement that you are doing it so everyone knows your boundaries. Just say: “I’m taking my lunch break from 12-1 p.m. and I will be on airplane mode. Be back in one hour.“ Clearly communicating your boundaries to your boss and co-workers simply lets them know that you cannot be interrupted and they will have to handle any little crisis that happens to occur during that hour. Creativity is a hot commodity these days because so few people are making the time to refresh their minds and get inspired.  Nature is a simple fix to nurture the need for more creativity. It’s not only free, but it can be very freeing. 


What three actions help recharge your creativity?
How often do you spend time doing this during the week?
How can you make more time to do it throughout the week?

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