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The Pitch Episode 67: Pitch Fast


No one responding? Getting too many rejections than you can handle at once? Learn how a fasting break can clear your mind for a new result.

The Pitch Episode 67:
Pitch Fast


I recently finished a 5-day food fast. They are never easy to do, but when it’s done the clarity of mind I experience is well worth it. Fasting in other areas of your life can also be beneficial, even in pitching. Before you get burned out on pitching, take a fast from it. Maybe you can’t take a five-day pitching fast, but you can take an hour fast or a weekend fast. If you are hitting a wall with pitching, and feel either no one is responding or you are getting too many rejections than you can handle at once, just stop, take a fasting break. A walk outside, a change in scenery or a real coffee break at a coffee shop can give you time to clear your mind and think through your pitching approach. Maybe there’s another way you can position what you are pitching that will yield a better result. “The Pitch” challenge today: Start using the fasting strategy in different areas of your life when you need a new result. You can fast from toxic friends or family, social media, bingeing on TV, those sugary desserts or even pitching. Listen to your inner voice of frustration and take the time to clear your mind so you can come back to pitching with renewed passion and results.


What do you need to take a break from today?
What can you do to change your environment?
How does this activity help clear your mind?

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