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The Pitch Episode 61: Pitching Passion Predicament?


Do what you love? It’s not possible for everyone. Learn how to leverage your pitching career to make an even bigger impact.

The Pitch Episode 61:
Pitching Passion Predicament?


Are you passionate about you’re pitching? If the answer is “No,” it’s actually ok; there are other ways to channel your passions outside of work, while using your career as a conduit for what you are passionate about. Some of us are fortunate enough to align our passions perfectly with our careers, but this would be impossible for everyone to do despite social pressures to “do what you love.” Before you switch your pitch career, consider how much your current pitching job is affording you. Some people are gifted with making money, and if you are in a job that gives you the opportunity to make a lot of money it may be worth keeping so you can fund your own passions outside of your work. If you keep your passions separate from your career and use your job to fund those passions, you can still find plenty of fulfillment in life knowing that your career affords you the opportunity to make a difference. “The Pitch” challenge today: Consider what’s at stake before making a career move. If you are skilled at pitching, and it brings in profit and benefits, how you can use those assets to make a difference outside of work? If you can shift your mindset from “doing what you love,” to “doing more, to love more,” you’ll become passionate about your job, no matter the endeavor, because it will potentially afford you the opportunity to make a much bigger impact.


What do you feel most passionate about?
Does your job fulfill that passion?
What are some other ways you can fulfill that passion outside of work without changing careers?

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