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The Pitch Episode 54: ‘Tis the Season to Keep Pitching


There’s a misconception you can use to your advantage. Learn how to make now through the New Year the most productive time of your year.

The Pitch Episode 54:
‘Tis the Season to Keep Pitching


There’s a major misconception when it comes to the holidays. Not everyone has off from work and this fact can give you a major advantage if you don’t resign yourself to the notion that no one is working. During the holidays the normal hustle of work does slow down, which actually makes it easier to catch people on the phone and increases the chances of your emails being read simply because there is less competition for attention. For those professionals who are still in the office, they still need to get stuff done so your pitch call may be perfect timing. With the end of the year approaching many busy executives have budgets to spend and are anxious to get a jump on the New Year so they can enjoy some of their holiday. When it comes to media, the news never shuts down however a lot of PR firms do, which means there’s less competition in pitching and with smaller staffed news crews the media is often looking for end-of-the-year, feel good stories to fill their soft news needs. So before you give up on pitching this holiday, get motivated to hit the phones hard whether you are pitching a story, trying to land that job or sign a new client. This may be your most productive time of the year! “The Pitch” challenge today: pitch in the New Year by shifting your bias on holiday pitching. Enjoy the productivity of your holiday and make it a game to find out who is working (like you) during the holidays. Consider yourself a resource to the person you are pitching and give the gift of helping them get more done this season.


What holiday seasons do you tend to work the most?
How can you shift the bias on holiday hours and use them to your advantage?
What are some benefits of pitching during the holidays?

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