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The Pitch Episode 47: Start with #MondayMotivation


Mondays can be a killer. Develop a mental trigger to let your brain know it’s time to shift gears to kick your pitching game into high gear.

The Pitch Episode 47:
Start with #MondayMotivation


How do you transition from your weekend to your workweek? Mondays can be a killer when you are trying to jump back into work mode and especially if you’re pitching. However, if you develop a mental trigger to let your brain know it’s time to shift gears it can help you kick your pitching game into high gear. Before you pitch on a Monday, create a personal ritual that denotes you are shifting from weekend time to pitch time. For me, my Monday shift ritual is posting an image on social media accompanied with an inspirational quote that I feel will be the theme of my workweek. Then I hashtag it: Monday Motivation. I like doing this because by hashtaging Monday Motivation I feel supported from an online community of entrepreneurs, hustlers and make it happen individuals who are also up at 5 or 6 in the morning and virtually high-fiveing my workweek with me. You can check out my Monday Motivation posts each Monday on my Instagram page at AmySummersNYC. The sky is the limit on what you can come up with, but whatever you do keep it consistent and do it every Monday to help you make the mental transition before you start your pitch week. “The Pitch” challenge today: develop a creative start to your workweek that will get you charged up to make the most of your Monday. It could be listening to a song that gets you pumped or maybe buying a fancy coffee just once a week, on Mondays. Just make sure it’s consistent to celebrate and set the tone for your Monday, while paving the path for success with your pitch week.


What is the hardest part about facing a Monday or the start of your workweek?
Do you have a Monday ritual to get you motivated for the workweek? If so, what is it? If not, what could you do?
What happens when the tone of your week is not set?

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