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The Pitch Episode 46: Pitch, Eat, Sleep (repeat)


Pushing through pitching burnout is not as productive as taking a break. Learn to manage moments of burnout with your own self-care action plan.

The Pitch Episode 46:
Pitch, Eat, Sleep (repeat)


Pitching takes a lot of energy. Not only do you have to be laser focused on your material, you have to be turned on fully for the person you are pitching. If you have a job where you are expected to pitch all day, this can become very exhausting and burnout it is very common. Before you pitch during burnout, stop and recognize the warning signs your body is sending you and respond by taking a timeout. If you are hitting a mental wall, feeling frustrated or negative, snapping at co-workers or your boss, or just find yourself mentally spinning from one task to the next it’s time to stop and take a break. Get something to eat, go for a walk or maybe take a 15-minute power nap. The amount of time you set aside for self-care will help you be even more productive when you are ready to pitch again. “The Pitch” challenge today: Take a break! What does a break look like to you? If you do not partake in much self-care, then the concept of doing nothing could seem like a waste of productivity, but it actually has the opposite effect, making you more productive when you need to be tuned in and turned on for pitching. Start splurging on different restorative activities such as a massage, soaking in the bath, treating yourself to a very nice meal out of the house. Once you find a few go-to restorative activities that will help recharge you, you’ll find your burnout moments are more manageable and less stressful because you will know exactly what to do when you hit that wall making your bounce back even more productive and effective than attempting to push through another pitch when your body and mind needs a much needed break.


What are some of your body’s warning signs that you may personally be experiencing burnout?
What quality of work will you produce if you push through?
What are some ways you can give yourself permission to take a break before you burnout?

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