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The Pitch Episode 43: Embrace Rejection


Not everyone is going to say, “yes,” so when they say, “no,” ask “why.” Learn how to use rejection to improve your pitching confidence.

The Pitch Episode 43:
Embrace Rejection


Everyone you pitch is not going to say “yes,” but before you move on from their “no,” be sure to ask why. Understanding why your pitch is being rejected can provide valuable insight and potentially help you reframe your pitch for future pitching success. Before you move on from a pitch pass, acknowledge that you respect their decision to pass, before you ask why, so the person you are pitching does not feel like you are challenging them to change their mind. You might say: “Thank you for getting back to me with your decision, which I completely respect. So that I know for future reference, was it the timing or the topic that didn’t appeal to you?” This conversation starter, versus just asking “why” can open up the door for some genuine feedback. If feedback is not given, it’s OK to just let it go and move on, but if you do get a response, be sure to thank the person for their valuable insight, make a note of it or use the information to tweak your pitch moving forward. “The Pitch” challenge today: start recognizing rejections as an opportunity to grow and get better, versus allowing the rejection to deflate your motivation. Use this in every area of life, not just pitching. Practice it in job interviews and dating or in an existing relationship. Turn that “no” into a game to I want to “know” more so I can improve, and your confidence in pitching will continue to soar.


How does it make you feel when someone rejects you?
How can you leverage that rejection into learning?
What’s the worse thing that will happen if you ask someone why he or she rejected you?

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