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The Pitch Episode 39: Note to Self: I’m the only one who can REALLY motivate you


Reaching pitching burnout? Learn how to self motivate daily to stay focused and achieve more.

The Pitch Episode 39:
Note to Self: I’m the only one who can REALLY motivate you


What motivates you? If you aren’t sure, then today is a great day to set some time aside and really think about it. If you have a job that requires you to pitch extensively it can be exhausting and easy to reach burnout. Your company may motivate you with bonuses, trips or other perks if you meet your goals but sometimes this is not enough to give yourself motivation on a daily basis. If you rely on someone else to motivate you this can also leave you in a rut. Before you pitch, set simple, daily motivation goals that will keep you focused throughout the day. Attach these goals to rewards that appeal to you. For example, you may set a goal of making 30 pitch calls and then reward yourself with a 15-minute walk outside or social media break to relax your mind. Or you may have a goal to close one deal that day, and when you do reward yourself by going out to dinner or ordering in your favorite takeout. Whatever you do, make the daily goals attainable and the rewards simple. Waiting for someone else to always reward you may not be as reliable as your own self-motivation. “The Pitch” challenge today: make a list of all the simple things you enjoy doing and guilty pleasures you love indulging in, then keep this list in a note on your smartphone for quick reference when you need to self motivate. Knowing what motivates you to success is key to overcoming pitching burnout. Once you know what truly motivates you, these are things you can share with your superiors to give them better insight on what actually increases your productivity.


What would you consider a 15-minute indulgent of your time?
How can you add more of these 15-minute breaks into your day to keep your energy up?
What are other ways you can reward yourself for meeting longer-term goals?

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