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The Pitch Episode 78: Strip it Down


Get to the point quicker. Learn how to a stripped-down pitch can initiate a response from a person juggling multiple deadlines.

The Pitch Episode 78:
Strip it Down


It’s crazy to think an email with 2-3 paragraphs could be overwhelming to anybody, but for many people with busy and demanding schedules, addressing a lengthy email may just not be possible and could result in no response from the person you are pitching. Before you give up on someone who has not responded to your pitch, try stripping it down. Take out any verbiage that’s not required for you to get an initial response. You can always fill in details later once you get a reaction to your pitch. Once you strip your message down to 2-3 sentences, take a look at revamping and shortening the email subject line too. “The Pitch” challenge today: Go back to a pitch you emailed that has not yet received a reply. See how you can strip down the pitch so it’s more direct, giving the: who, what, when, where, right at the top. Then resend with a customized subject line. Also follow-up on the phone and leave a stripped-down voice message, including just the basics. The stripped-down pitch isn’t guaranteed to work on everyone but it will work on the individuals who do not have time to read your long-form pitch. So when you do get a response to a stripped-down pitch, be sure to make a note of it and then you will know how to get a reaction from that same person quicker, next time.


What pitch are you currently not getting a response on?
How can you shorten that pitch to make it more simple and straightforward?
What can you say to be more direct with your ask?

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