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The Pitch Episode 71: Don’t Bury the Benefits


Decisions are influenced by perceived benefits. Learn how to elevate your pitch to the top of someone’s decision-making heap.

The Pitch Episode 71:
Don’t Bury the Benefits


Each day is filled with decisions we have to make. What time will we get up? What will we wear? Do we eat in or go out? And while these decisions are basic, we are also confronted with making bigger decisions throughout the week such as who will we hire for that new company position, or is it time to make a career move? Big or small, the decisions we make each and every day are determined by the potential benefits they bring us. Before you pitch, make sure you are very clear on what the benefits are and highlight those benefits during your pitch. If there is no perceived benefit to your pitch, then it will get pushed aside or disregarded until the person you are pitching realizes a benefit on his or her own. Don’t waste time by making the person you are pitching figure out the benefits of your own pitch. Instead, lead with the benefits and then pitch. For example, you may say: “I’ve found a way to save you time and money with this new program we are offering;” or, “I have an expert available during the holidays who can be interviewed on any end-of-the year finance news story;” or, “I’m available to start with your company right away and can work extra hours during the holiday.” “The Pitch” challenge today: Start paying attention to the decisions you are making every day based on perceived benefits. Are you wearing a certain outfit because it’s comfortable? Are you hiring someone because they are from within the company and already familiar with your corporate protocol? By being more aware of what motivates you to make a decision, you’ll start to see the benefits in what you are pitching to others as well. Don’t bury the benefits, instead lead with them to help move your pitch to the top of their decision-making heap.


What are the top three benefits of working with you?
How can you introduce yourself in an interview or pitch to hit on at least two of these benefits?
What would you change at the top of your resume, proposal or cover letter to clearly feature these benefits?

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