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The Pitch Episode 65: Do You Speak Emoji?


Is that winking emoji helpful or hurtful in business communications? Learn what your emoji speak may be saying between the lines.

The Pitch Episode 65:
Do You Speak Emoji?


Emojis have certainly permeated our daily communication and they can be hard to avoid as all of our devices are constantly recommending an emoji to accompany our messages; but are they helpful or hurtful in business communications? I believe they can be both helpful and hurtful depending on how they are used. Before you add an emoji to your pitch message, consider if it’s necessary and what it may convey to the person you are sending it to. Adding too many emojis and using them too frequently can send the message that your communication is not professional and overly friendly. Avoid the winking emoji and any emoji that includes a heart or kiss. These emojis are much too personal for business and could give the person you are pitching the wrong idea. If you are an intense person and need to soften your communication a bit, emojis can be useful as it adds a feeling to your very direct message. For example, a smiling emoji accompanied with a message that you need something now, adds an inferred “please” to your message. Just be cautious not to overuse this emoji tactic or it could be perceived as a form of manipulation. “The Pitch” challenge today: Save emoji talk for friends and family and when it comes to business communication be super selective on when and how you use emojis so your pitch isn’t misinterpreted and taken seriously.


How frequently do you use emojis in your professional communications? Always? Never? Every once in a while?
Have you ever misinterpreted a boss, co-worker or client’s emoji? What happened as a result?
What emojis should you use for your professional communications and which ones should you avoid?

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