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The Pitch Episode 48: The magical neutralizer: “OK”


Simple, nonthreatening and can get you out of some precarious pitching situations. Learn how to add “OK” back to your vocabulary to neutralize awkward or heated conversations.

The Pitch Episode 48:
The magical neutralizer: “OK”


There’s one word that can neutralize almost any situation and it’s one of the simplest words we have in our vocabulary. It’s commonly used abbreviation makes it even less intimidating. The word is “OK” and this magical neutralizer has the ability to buy you more time, remove confrontation and make you appear to be agreeable (even if you’re not). I have learned to use this word to get myself out of some pretty precarious pitching situations, and I’m always amazed how it easily takes a heated situation down a few notches. Maybe you call someone who’s on deadline and they are screaming at you that they can’t talk. Simply say: “Ok, I’ll call you later.” The OK gives you time to think about your response and instantly calms the other person down. It’s much better than responding with a “But, I was just calling to see if you were interested…” CLICK the other person hangs up on you and worse they may never take your call again! The “OK” tactic is effective in pitching but also highly effective in many other areas of your life such as communicating with your boss or employees, friends, significant others and family. I’ve actually not run into one scenario where the OK strategy didn’t work. The most challenging thing I find about “OK” is that I don’t remember to use it enough! “The Pitch” challenge today: add “OK” to your vocabulary and practice using it in any awkward or heated conversation. It can be used verbally or in written form. It’s the perfect neutralizing word to use in text messages (short, sweet and to the point: OK). Your new favorite word, “OK” will give you time to take a breath, and give your response the proper consideration it deserves before you potentially blurt out how you really feel!


When someone says OK to you how does that make you feel?
When you say OK to someone else, how do they typically react?
What areas in your life could OK help you out?

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