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The Pitch Episode 50: Upping Your Stalker Game


Pitching requires a certain level of stalking, but how much is too much? Learn how to develop a follow-up pitching plan that will make you someone’s favorite stalker.

The Pitch Episode 50:
Upping Your Stalker Game


One of the best compliments I’ve received from a national TV producer was when he told me I was his favorite stalker. Pitching requires a certain level of stalking, but how much is too much? And how can you become someone’s favorite stalker? Before you pitch, strategically layout a pitching plan for at least six weeks on how you will approach follow-up pitching after the initial pitch. My general guideline is to leave a total of three voicemails and emails separated by three weeks of stalker calls. As the weeks progress the voicemails and emails get shorter because they are follow-ups. When you stalker-call someone, you call at multiple times a day without leaving voicemails with the intent to catch the person on the phone. “The Pitch” challenge today: Develop a pitching plan for a current project you are working on and keep notes on what dates the voicemails, emails and stalker calls were made. Be sure to space out your forms of communication so that you do not turn into that annoying stalker that becomes an aggravation. By strategically spacing out your pitching approaches during a six-week time period you allow for roadblocks like deadlines, vacations, sick days and any other act of nature that’s out of your control as you try to close the deal. If by the end of the six weeks you have zero response from the person you are pitching, then assume this absolute silence equals a “no” and move on. Although in normal scenarios a stalker is not something you want to be associated with, in pitching a strategic stalker can actually help the person you are targeting solve a problem or improve an outcome by being diligent in consistent follow-up without giving up. This is why being someone’s “favorite stalker” is a compliment I treasure as a publicist.


What deals are you trying to close this week?
What are the best times of the day to reach your targets?
What strategy can you set to consistently reach out this week to close 2-3 opportunities?

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