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The Pitch Episode 45: Appeal to All through Sight, Sound, Science and Swag


If you are pitching blindly to a group make sure you are hitting on each of these four touch points. Learn how to appeal to a group of very different people in one pitch.

The Pitch Episode 45:
Appeal to All through Sight, Sound, Science and Swag


Customizing your pitch to the person you are pitching is ideal. But sometimes you’ll find yourself in a group setting where you can’t do that. It may be an event where you are pitching several people at once or a pitch meeting where you are making a presentation to a company or group of investors. Before you make your pitch to a group, try to incorporate these four touchpoints in your presentation to appeal to everyone: Sight, sound, science and swag. Because some people are visual they will be moved to action through sight via art, digital or even live drama. Other people may be moved by sound and music can be the way they connect to your pitch. Science and stats really influence intellectuals and analytical thinkers. Then there’s the swag for your gift givers in the group that are persuaded by the thoughtful leave behind or present that pulls your pitch together with a physical bow. The point is, if you are pitching blindly to a group of people, making sure you hit on each of these four touch points to improve your chances of appealing to all. “The Pitch” challenge today: Plan a date to see a Broadway show with a group of friends or family members. Whether it’s at a live theatre or big screen production doesn’t matter, but when you go ask yourself and each person at the end of the show what they liked most or least. Also during the Broadway production make note of the different emotions your group has throughout the show. When do they laugh? When do they cry? When do they get bored? Broadway has a little bit of everything combined into one production and can be a great experiment to discover the power behind various touch points with a group of very different people.


What’s your favorite part of a Broadway musical? The music, the choreography, the script or the gift shop?
In other areas of your life, are you more motivated by powerful music, intellectual facts, gifts or a physical dance?
How could you incorporate something visual, audible and intellectual into your next presentation?

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