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“The Pitch with Amy Summers”

“The Pitch” brings you success in business and life. Get your message across more effectively using the latest technology with classic communications techniques. A skillful and strategic pitch can land you an interview, new job, promotion, or help you close that next deal. Pitching is a life skill, rooted in the art of communication. Technology has advanced the way we interact with each other providing convenience, speed, and a larger audience; but the true art of communication is often sacrificed in the process. These micro tutorials are designed to help you become a more skilled and effective communicator in your professional and personal life in order to better navigate careers and relationships. Each tutorial of “The Pitch” provides a real-world skill and pitch challenge to help improve various soft skills in the categories of closing, communication, motivation, networking, organization, presentation, relationships and research. “The Pitch” is taught by communications expert and mentor, Amy Summers, founder of Pitch Publicity and INICIVOX®, who has more than 20 years experience in the field of public relations and communications. She is a high-performance achiever with a proven track record of pitching success and launching careers.


Subscribers from around the world can learn how to use classic communications skills with today’s technology. “The Pitch with Amy Summers,” can be heard daily, free of charge, anywhere voice is heard including Amazon’s Alexa, Google Play and Google Home, Trebble FM, iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, Pandora and multiple podcast platforms.


For a more immersive study of “The Pitch with Amy Summers,” including transcripts and workshop application, individuals, corporations and universities can subscribe to the full course or specific tutorial tracks, and live INICIVOX® mentorship events. For customized courses or virtual events for universities and corporations, please schedule a voice-to-voice call.