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As a college student, listening to ‘The Pitch’ is extremely helpful. Amy gives applicable advice for my college career and the working world. Being a PR major, the podcast really has clarified material I have learned in the classroom. Amy’s segment on pitching made me realize the importance of knowing what to pitch and how to pitch before completing the action. ‘The Pitch’ offers a variety of knowledge that can help any business owner, PR professional or sales industry person. Can’t wait to listen to more!

Leacy B.

As a third-year public relations major, ‘The Pitch with Amy Summers’ has helped me so much with learning to use my voice and become a more effective communicator. Her flash briefings are engaging, and they really make me think about my future career and giving presentations in a way I have never thought about before. I have learned a great deal of beneficial information surrounding the ideas of navigating the communications industry, marketing my personal brand and creating authentic relationships with potential coworkers. I am so thankful for these quick and effective briefings to listen to with my morning hazelnut iced coffee – I feel like I am already in a better position than before when it comes to communicating in a concise, engaging and professional manner.

Pam L.

The Pitch with Amy Summers’ is a useful tool to help anyone in the communications industry strengthen their skills. The succinct podcasts are short enough to listen to in just a few minutes but are jam-packed with useful bits. I listen to these on a daily basis!

Jake M.

I have found ‘The Pitch with Amy Summers’ to be very useful as a rising senior in college majoring in public relations! Not only does Amy give great advice for professionals well into their career, she also gives very insightful advice to college students making their way into their professions. I would highly recommend this flash briefing to anyone of any age.

Mia M.

I love Amy Summers’ ‘The Pitch’! I listen in each morning and always learn something new. She shares stories of both her successes and obstacles, followed with valuable insight on how to handle or manage any of these situations – with tact! Her voice is so calm, clear and patient too! I have taken her advice on many occasions and always share with my work team to support their success too. It’s a quick listen that’s spoken effectively and always a pleasure to hear


The Pitch with Amy Summers’ is the perfect way to start my workday. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in the world of public relations, I believe every professional can truly benefit from ‘The Pitch’ because of the wide range of topics and the easily digestible format. Amy eloquently delivers useful tips for managing your personal brand, networking, pitching and so much more! I highly recommend adding ‘The Pitch’ to your morning routine.

Havana G.

Amy's flash briefings offer new and valuable knowledge. As a student, I'm always appreciative for the helpful insight from Amy!

Audrey M.

Great tips on the internal battles that come with formulating and then having to revise a pitch.

Thomas H.

It has been useful tool for me in many different ways. I am happy that I can continue to hear what she says to provide me insight and such. Thank you!

Gonzo G.

After listening to all the podcast I felt that I learned some amazing life lessons. Not only for my professional career but my personal life as well! Amy’s podcast about ‘Be Unapologetic when No Apology is Needed’ resonated with me. In today’s era I catch myself prone to apologizing because it is basically asked for. But realizing later that nothing I said was wrong; it was truthful and factual. This lesson I will take with me in my future endeavors and really think about certain situations, if I feel I have said no wrongs.

Nicole P.

As a PR student, I find that listening to ‘The Pitch’ every morning ensures that I start my day off on the right foot! Amy not only offers excellent professional communication advice but also shares what she’s learned through her personal experiences. Each episode contains valuable information and is only a few minutes long, making it easy to listen to daily. I highly recommend this flash briefing to anyone. I truly learn something beneficial every day!

Kara G.

I really like the topics being covered. They are very useful, especially as a college student about to enter the work force. I also enjoy that they're short because it's quick and to the point. I can't wait for more!


As a beginner in public relations, ‘The Pitch’ is such a helpful tool when learning and trying to understand the world of communications. Amy Summers gives brief and concise tips about different situations, we, as communicators will encounter at one point or another in our career. With real-life examples, listeners can have a sense of relatability, which makes it easier for he or she to comprehend the information. I am truly glad I had the opportunity to have ‘The Pitch’ introduced to me as a beginner in communications. Having these tips will only add to the success and skillset as a communicator and it would be a mistake to skip over it!

Kyle B.